Thursday, August 14, 2008

Many Days Late...

What's up everybody? I hope that you all have taking care of yourselves and your business, cuz I have!!!! Over the past few weeks I have not been blogging as I should and that is totally my fault. Almost makes me glad that Im not famous because the label would be calling and throwing all kinds of negative superlatives around. Anyway moving along, let me give you a quick run down on all that I have been up too lately.

"Best Men", is in the books its going on the album. I have been steadily working with new producers, I really don't want to put them out there and their records dont make the final cut...That would be all bad!!! Some other confirmed tracks that are going on the album as of today are, "Push" which was produced by Knoxville of the Olympicks. "Never Enough", was produced by Markus Knight. So the album is moving along actually at a cool phase at the moment.

I attended Young Jeezy's listening party over the last month and he had some real dope records on "The Recession"...SEPT 2.....go get that!!!! Big Jon Platt was also in the building, so for those of you that don't know who he is EVP of EMI Music Publishing, get with it or....dont get paid...PUB is where the money is in the Music Business (FREE TIP, any more inside info you can expect an invoice).

Man tonight I met Jimmy Iovine...he really is one of the coolest cats in the industry so I figured that stands on its own.....

To much to write about I will continue this recap over the next few days, Stay up!!!!!!


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