Sunday, October 5, 2008

So I gotta PUSH.....

What's good wit world??? I've been progressing busy as all hell. Since I wrote, went to a 1500 or Nothin session at Studio Atlantis in Hollywood. If you aren't up on 1500 or Nothin then you need to Google them. It was really a different kind of session then I had ever been in. There are two rooms at Atlantis, Studio A and C. There where writers everywhere, the studios, hallways, lounge area the shit was crazy!!! There was most definitely a vibe going on and most importantly working was getting DONE!!! Sarah from 1st and 15th was in the building cutting records. A&R's where in the building checking on progress. I met a lot of talented people through my nigga Larrance. He is one half of the production team (1500 or Nothin) with MARS.

I got with one of there affiliates Knotch, who is a HOT producer. He burned me a disc of some shit before I left the studio....Pure Fire. He just lock up like 3 placements on project.

I went to the studio the other day to record a remix for a good friend of mine. Be on the look out for that. Once the paperwork is taken care of I will be posting it. I have post two songs on myspace...check me out there ( While I was at the studio I knocked out "Push" (Produced by Knoxville) and I let my constituents hear it and they went nuts!!! Big ups to Knoxville and the whole Olympicks team!!!

I will be in the studio for the next week or so, grinding away at the album. REAL TALK w/ FLAWLESS!!!! Urban Network Radio Friday's from 4-5pm!!! REAL TALK REWIND (if you missed it) Saturday's 2-3pm!!! (



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